What is a Landing Page?

Perhaps you hear about the terms “Landing Page”. Sometimes, we also call it as “Lead capture page”. However, do you really know what is a landing page means? In this article, I will be sharing with you what is a landing page is and the important elements a landing page shall have. Besides, I will share with you how you can create a landing page.

So, What is a Landing Page?

Landing page is a website page you create to capture visitor information through a lead form. Information such as name and email address are usually captured.

It is usually triggered from a link clicking on marketing campaign via email or online advertisement.

In other words, you send your advertising traffic to a landing page instead of your website homepage. It is more targeted than your homepage. By sending advertising traffic to your landing page, the chances of converting the traffic into leads are higher.

Therefore your landing page is so critical and you must make sure it consists important elements when designing it. Next, I will go through with you some of the important elements it should have.

Important Elements of a Landing Page

Compelling Headline

Headline is the first thing your visitors see when they land on your landing page. Writing a compelling headline will help prevent visitors from leaving immediately. Your main objective is to make your visitors stay and continue reading to what you have to offer to them.

When writing a headline, make sure it is clear and relevant to your offer. This is to prevent disappointing your visitors.

You can start your headline with “How To” and then follow by offering a solution to your visitors problem with your product or service. For example, “How to Lose Weight Without Diet?”

The other strong and compelling way to write your headline is by asking a question. You can ask a question in the headline and then follow the answer in the subheadline or your main copy. For example, “Do You Want to Lose Weight Without Diet?”

Deliver Value

Instead of focusing on promoting your product, you should focus on deliver value to your visitors. You should show that you understand their challenges and problems. Provide a solution and tell them how you can solve their problems. Your visitors will share their contact information with you when they believe that you understand their challenges and problems.

Trust Indicator

Unless your offer is on a well known or branded products, otherwise you need to incorporate some trust indicator to add credibility to your landing page.

Statistical report is one of the good way to proof to your visitors on how your service is the solution to their problem.

If you have any success story from your satisfied customers, you can request them to write you a good testimony. A recommendation from a satisfied customer is a very powerful trust indicator.

Lead Capture Form

The purpose of a landing page is to capture visitors information and to do this you must have a lead capture form. However, you should only capture essential information from your visitors. Too much information required will intimidate your visitors. Name and email address is sufficient in most of the cases.

Make sure your lead capture form is always visible to your visitors. Your landing page should be responsive to different type of devices so that your visitor can always see your form.

Limit Navigation

You have put a lot of effort to direct your targeted visitors to your landing page. I am sure you don’t want your visitors to leave without taking your desired action. Don’t distract them!

Limit the number of navigation elements by removing unnecessary links in your landing page. Your goal is to keep your visitors focus on reading your offer and fill out your form.

How Do You Create a Landing Page?

Now you have some idea about the important elements of a landing page. The next thing you want to know is how to create it.

There many online services you can use to create a landing page. Some are free and some are paid services.

Google Form

Google Forms is a full-features free form tool offered by Google. You can easily create a landing page using Google Forms. You can also download all captured data in Google sheets. More importantly it is free!


WPForms is a WordPress form builder plugins developed by WPBeginner team. It comes with drag and drop features and very easy to use. You can easily create a contact within minutes without involving complicated configuration. WPForms Free version comes with some basic functions is fr. You will need to upgrade to Pro version to use the advanced features.


OptimizePress is a professional landing page builder WordPress plugin. It is a user friendly tool for you to create high-converting landing pages, secure membership portals, sales pages and more. It bundled with many ready to use templates. You can quickly create a new landing page with designs that are optimized for sales & conversions.


There is no single best landing page design. The best practice is always do more testing and improve it. From testing, you would be able to see what works best for your business.

Lastly, I want to thank you for stopping by to read my article. I hope my article help you get a better idea of what is a landing page. If you like my article, please share it with your friend.

To Your Success,
Kwah Choon Hiong

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