5 Ways to Improve the Readability of Your Blog Post

5 Ways to Improve the Readability of Your Blog PostCreating a quality content for your blog post should be your focus in your blogging journey. I am sure you want your readers to read your entire blog post. Blog post with poor structuring would reduce its readability. Thus, you should make sure your blog post is easy to read. In this post, I will share with you 5 ways to improve the readability of your blog post.

Remember, your goal is to get your readers to read your blog post. Posts that are easy to read will result in more returning visitors and higher conversion rate.

#1 Use Small Paragraphs and Short Sentences

You should avoid composing your blog content in a large block. Reading large blocks of content can be very tiring especially when you are reading from a screen. Try to write your blog post in short sentences and small paragraph. Short sentences are easier to read and understand than long sentences.

As a guideline, make sure your sentences in your blog post are less than 20 words. Also, make sure paragraphs are not too long. Ideally, your paragraphs should contain no more than six sentences.

Use more white space in your content. It will lead to much better readability and results in more people want to read your blog posts.

Below are two examples paragraphs with same content. Which one is easier to read?

Small Paragraphs

#2 Use Appropriate Font Sizes and Colors

Font sizes and colors play important part in readability of your blog content. Don’t try to impress your readers by using random font sizes and colors everywhere in you blog. It will take away the readability of your content. You don’t want your content end up looks like a circus.

Stick to normal font sizes. White background with black text (or dark grey) is a better choice that leads to better readability. When choosing a theme for your blog, choose one that with white background and black text.

Using random font sizes and colors would definitely make your content looks fun and interesting. However, overall content readability should be your priority. Let’t look at the comparison below to see the different and let me know your thought.

Font Sizes and Colors

#3 Use Relevant Images within Your Content

Try to insert associated images in your blog content to reflect what you are talking about. Your readers will find it much easier to understand and relate to your content if there is associated imagery.

For example, a food blog that sharing recipes and cooking instructions. A step by step cooking instruction images will definitely help readers much easier to follow.

Associated image will lead to more engagement too. We all are visual creatures in natures. We like to read article that with pictures than just plain text. You can see that I insert associated images in this blog too. I am sure my blogs post would less appeal to you if I didn’t insert any image.

#4 Use Headlines to Separate Your Ideas

Always separate your content through the use of headlines. You can do this by using the H2 (Heading 2) or H3 (Heading 3) tags within your content. Your headlines should be the most important sentence or message you want to talk about. Then you explain and elaborate on that headlines.

This way your readers will be able to grasp what you are going to talk about. This will lead to much more readership of your content too.

Below is an example headlines I used in one of my blog post.


#5 Use Conversational Speech

Try to use conversational writing in your blog post. Make sure the text in your blog post is not too difficult for the audience you are writing for. Don’t try to impress your audiences by writing an English essay that full of advance vocabulary.

You should always convey your opinions and ideas to your audiences in a way that is communicative. It is the same way as you would have a discussion with your friend. Conversational writing is more engaging. It makes your readers feel as you are having a personal conversation with them.

Conversational writing will lead to far more trust and result in more people reading your content.


To improve the readability of your blog post, you should make sure that your content is easy to read. First thing first, try to use short sentence and make sure your paragraph is not too long. Use white background with black text and you shouldn’t use small font.

You can insert relevant images in your blog post to increase engagement. Break up your content and foreshadow what is coming up through the use of headlines. It will make your content much more readable. Lastly, convey your message to your readers with conversational writing. That way, you will be able to lead more trust and result in more people reading your blog post.

I hope my sharing would help you to improve the readability of your blog post. If you have any question or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.


To Your Success,

Kwah Choon Hiong

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