Wealthy Affiliate Review: The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course

The Best Affiliate Marketing Training CourseToday, I want to do a review on Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training course I joined two months ago. It is probably the best affiliate marketing training course for bloggers, digital marketers and especially those who want to make money online.

Just to give you a little background of myself, four years ago I created my first food blog website. I start it from scratch despite I have no knowledge about blogging. Certainly, it was a steep learning curve for me to start a blog website.

Understand what is blogging, how to purchase a domain, how to subscribe a web hosting, WordPress setup and also content writing skill are things you need to learn.

Whew, sounds complicated right? No choice, you just have to learn it.

I found a review on Wealthy Affiliate two months ago while I were searching information about improve blogging skill. At first, Wealthy Affiliate didn’t really attract my attention. I thought it is just another affiliate marketing training I can find online.

After reading the review, my perception changed. I kind of attracted to what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer especially the certification training course. I decided to sign up an account to try it out because it’s free.

After 10 days of my free starter membership, I decided to upgrade to the Premium membership. You might surprise why I make such a quick decision to convert to a Premium membership. This is because there are a lot more you can get as a Premium member.

Again, I want to emphasize that Wealthy Affiliate is (in my opinion) the best affiliate marketing training course for bloggers. There are a lot of good stuffs in Wealthy Affiliate and I will try my best to cover as much as I can.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Product Creator: Kyle & Carson
Years in Business: more than 10 years
Price: Free Starter Membership ($0), Premium Membership (Full membership: $49/month, First month special offer: $19, yearly membership: $359)
My Overall Rating of Wealthy Affiliate: 9 out of 10

You Must Set the Right Mindset

Right Mindset

Before I start my review I want to set your expectation and mindset right because I don’t want to waste your time. Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick program. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick program then this program is not for you.

Wealthy Affiliate offers you the best training course and tools to help you success but you still must put in the hard work. A good fitness training coach can teach the right way to do push-up but they cannot do it for you. You must put in the hard work to do it yourself. They are the same principles.

Just in case if you ever see a program claim that they can help you to become rich in one week or even a month, my advice to you is to leave it immediately.

So, What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a 10-year-old training platform that created as an initiative to help people succeed online. It teaches people how to start their own business online. What’s more Wealthy Affiliate is a community with true passion for helping people.

One thing I love about Wealthy Affiliate is the way they outline the process of creating success online business. It is a simple 4 steps process and it is exactly what you are going to be learning at Wealthy Affiliate.

Below is a quick diagram breaking down the process.


Step 1: Choose an Interest.

It can be anything you like. It can be your interest, passion or even something you have no personal experience with.

Step 2: Build a Website.

Website is the foundation for you to success online. Therefore Wealthy Affiliate uses SiteRubix as the platform to host your website. SiteRubix is a sophisticated and feature rich website and hosting platform.

Step 3: Attract Visitors.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you will also learn how to get FREE traffic and visitors to your website.

Step 4: Earn Revenue.

Once you have traffic and visitors to your website, the last step is to earn revenue from your website. There are over 50 ways you can monetize traffic online!

Comprehensive Online Training Courses For Online Entrepreneur

Wealthy Affiliate has the best affiliate marketing training course and this is also the reason why I signed up the membership. Everything you need to learn about building an online business is in this course. Besides that it is also a very comprehensive and detailed online training course.

Basically, there are 2 main training courses at Wealthy Affiliate:

a) Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

b) Affiliate Bootcamp Course

Online Entrepreneur Certification Course

Online Enterpreneur Certification Course

First of all, this course is designed to help you get started your online business. You can apply what you learned to any niche you have in mind. By the way, if you do not know what is niche, a niche is referring to a distinct segment of a market. In other words, it is an “audience” or a group of people.

In general, you will be learning 3 main things from this course:

Firstly, understand how to make money online and setting up your website.

Secondly, you will be learning how to drive traffic to you website by creating keyword rich content.

Lastly, you will learn how to monetize your traffics.

Now, let’s see the outline of this course. This course is divided into 5 levels with each level consist of 10 lessons. That means you will be learning 50 lessons in total!

Here is what you will be learning:

Level 1: Getting Started
Level 2: Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
Level 3: Making Money (This is an amazing guide you will love)
Level 4: Mastering Social Engagement
Level 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Below is a quick diagram of lessons included in Level 1 course.

Online Enterpreneur Certification Course Level 1

Affiliate Bootcamp Course

Affiliate Bootcamp Course
The focus of this bootcamp course is to teach you how to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

But wait, don’t get the wrong idea that to make money with Wealthy Affiliate, you need to promote Wealthy Affiliate. This is totally not true.

As I mentioned earlier, whatever you learned in Entrepreneur Certification course, you can apply it to start your business in any industry you want. Not just Wealthy Affiliate.

However, Wealthy Affiliate does provide a very attractive affiliate program and the Affiliate Bootcamp course is designed to show you how to promote Weathy Affiliate.

In fact, the Affiliate Bootcamp course is similar to the Entrepreneur Certification course. Just that, the focus of Affiliate Bootcamp course is more on promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

The Affiliate Bootcamp course is divided into 7 phases with each phase consist of 10 lessons. You will be learning 70 lessons in total.

Here is what you will be learning in the 7 phases course:

Phase 1: Getting Your Business Rolling
Phase 2: Content, Keywords and Conversions
Phase 3: Giving Your Site Social Value
Phase 4: Get Visual. Get Aesthetic. Get A Brand Through Social Media
Phase 5: Knowing Your Audience and Catapulting Your Referrals
Phase 6: Bing, Yahoo & The Power of PPC
Phase 7: How To Scale Successful PPC Campaigns

FREE Weekly Webinar – Live Video Training Class

As premium member, you are granted access to the live video training class. It is a free weekly webinar at no extra cost. In Wealthy Affiliate we call it WAbinar.

The webinar is scheduled on every Friday evening 5PM pacific time. It is equivalent to Saturday morning 9AM Singapore time. If you are not able to attend the live webinar due to timezone different, you can always catch the replay. The replay video will be available the following day and you can watch it whenever you want to.

So, what can you expect to learn from the webinar training? Below are some webinars that were conducted lately.

  • Using WooCommerce for Affiliate Links
  • Changing WordPress Themes
  • Step-by-Step: YouTube Live Streaming
  • Getting Visitors to Click
  • Hosting Your Own Webinars
  • Using Google Adwords Express
  • and many more

There are more than 100 of video training classes you can watch in Wealthy Affiliate. Here is a screenshot of the training replay video.

FREE Weekly Webinar

Easy To Use Website Builder – SiteRubix

As mentioned earlier, there are 4 steps process that we used to build our business with Wealthy Affiliate. The 4 steps process are:

  • Choose an interest
  • Build a website
  • Attract visitors
  • Earn revenue

Certainly, you can see that building a website is an important step to get started your online business dream. Your website is your foundation. However, not every one knows how to build a website and it costs money.

The good news to you is that Wealthy Affiliate has the most sophisticated and feature rich website and hosting platform, the SiteRubix. SiteRubix is an easy to use website builder and hosting platform.

You don’t need to be a “techie” to use SiteRubix, no technical experience is required. Of course, If you have experience that is great.

Also, Wealthy Affiliate provides 2 Free websites for you to use. Yes, it is free and will forever be free for you to use. This is ideally for you if you want to get started an online business without spending any money.

Personally I love the SiteContent platform very much! It’s a writer’s dream platform. As both a Starter/Premium member, you have access to the SiteContent platform here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s see what you will be getting from SiteRubix besides the SiteContent.


Advanced Keyword Tool

When it comes to content writing, keywords are the basis of all your contents because it will affect your content’s ranking in Google and other search engine. In other words, keywords are the root of all your SEO success.

I guess you heard about the term “keyword research” but do you know what it is? Keyword research is a study of finding the appropriate keyword phrases to build a content that relevant to your niche.

However, keyword research can be a very time-consuming process. Therefore, you need a keyword tool to perform keyword research. At Wealthy Affiliate it has an advanced keyword tool. As a Premium member you will get UNLIMITED access to this advanced keyword tool.

Below is the screenshot of the keyword tool.

Keyword Tool

12 Training Classrooms

If you are still reading, I guess you are starting to understand now why I said Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training course.

At Wealthy Affiliate you get 2 main training courses, free weekly webinars, sophisticated website builder and advanced keyword tool. All these are essential to help you succeed.

Anything else?

What if I tell there are 12 more training classrooms which you can discuss issues you are facing? Don’t be surprised, this is what you will be getting here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s see what the classrooms are about.

  • Getting Started.
  • The WA Affiliate Program.
  • Keyword, Niche and Market Research.
  • Everything WordPress
  • Authoring & Writing Content
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development & Programming
  • Local Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  • Pay Per Click Marketing

You can find many good tips and advice to learn from in these classrooms.

Helpful Community That Active 24×7

WA Community

Above all, getting help from a very supportive community fellow is something you can expect at Wealthy Affiliate. What’s more it is the largest Internet Marketing community in the world with members from 195 countries.

There are many gurus with all kinds of expertise here. Just imagine that you are attending a school with abundance of teachers to help you every step of the way. Isn’t that fun?

Certainly, one thing I like about Wealthy Affiliate community is that even the founder, Kyle, you will find him interacting within the community as well. He even takes the time to welcome me when I joined Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Must Be Very Costly!?

After seeing so many good things about Wealthy Affiliate, it is import to know about the pricing. Personally, I won’t join an online training course that cost me few thousand of dollars. No matter how good the course is. It is too costly to me and I don’t have that kind of budget.

Now, you will probably think that Wealthy Affiliate membership will cost few thousand dollars but you would be surprised to see the pricing.

Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 types of membership:

1) Free Starter Membership

2) Premium Membership

The Free Starter Membership, It’s FREE Not Trial ($0 Cost)

If you are not sure if Wealthy Affiliate is something you are looking for then I would suggest you to get started with the free membership. It costs you $0 and It’s free not trial.

As a free member you are still getting access to the first level of the 2 main training courses, the “Online Entrepreneur Certification” and the “Affiliate Bootcamp”. You are still getting the 2 Free website as well.

Above all, the 2 training courses should be sufficient to help you get your website up and running. In fact, it covers all you need to understand about building online business.

Moreover, the higher level courses (Level 2 and above) will teach you on how to get traffic and monetize your traffic. However, you will need the premium membership to get access to the higher level courses and other advanced tools.

I would suggest you to get started with the Free Membership first to see it yourself what Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

The Premium Membership

The Premium membership costs you $49. However, you will get a discounted price at $19 for the first month premium if you sign up the premium membership during the first 7 days after joining. It’s 61% saving! The following months you will pay $49 per month.

If you think that $49 is still too much then you have option to upgrade to yearly saving plan which costs you $359. If you calculate it into monthly subscription, you only pay about $29 per month. It’s 41% saving and you are paying less than $1 a day!

Here’s the comparison of Wealthy Affiliate membership options:

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Comparison

Success Stories About Wealthy Affiliate

I think it is also good to share with you some success stories about Wealthy Affiliate. Below are some success posts you can read.

Join Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Since you are still here reading, I am sure you see the values in Wealthy Affiliate. Why don’t you give it a try? I highly recommend you to get started with the Free Membership to try out as it is no cost at all.

Then start the first level training courses to learn as much as you can. I am sure you will love it.

If you decided to upgrade to premium member, then I would suggest you to go for yearly option. The yearly option saves you more money as it costs you less than $1 a day.

My Final Opinion

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing training course. As you probably see from my review that Wealthy Affiliate really offer a lot.

You should give it a try out if you want

  • to build online business
  • to learn more about SEO
  • free website hosting platform
  • the advanced keyword tool
  • the best website builder
  • to join a helpful community with like-minded people
  • to get the best training course

Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading my Wealthy Affiliate review. If you have any question on which I didn’t cover, please leave me a comment below. Alternatively, you can send me a message inside Wealthy Affiliate.

I look forward to hearing about all the positive changes you’re about to experience and your success stories.


To Your Success,

Kwah Choon Hiong

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  1. Hi there,

    That’s an awesome review of Wealthy Affiliate. I personally believe Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best online platform out there. Wishing you all the success at Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. Dear Kay,

      I absolutely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best online platform. I wish you all the success at Wealthy Affiliate too. 🙂


  2. This takes in all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. I especially like the GoDaddy email system. Have you looked into “Benchmark Email” ? Very well written. All the best in all your endeavors with WA.

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